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    Landon Aherendt

    Sixteen months ago, our lives changed dramatically. Our son, Landon, was diagnosed with aveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, an extremely rare form of cancer. It rocked us to the core. Our normal routine of school, soccer and more soccer was replaced with chemotherapy, hospital stays and tests to see if the treatments were working. Everything that was normal no longer was.

    We have learned much since that diagnosis: how incredibly tough our son is; the importance of taking life one day at a time; celebrating the good; not getting too caught up in the bad. Most importantly, we are constantly reminded that nothing is more important than God, our family and our friends. Landon is still fighting his battle and we remain strong in our faith that he will win – God has this.

    One of the other things we have learned is that there are many wonderful organizations supporting children who are fighting cancer – organizations like Curing Children’s Cancer Fund, a non-profit organization that supports Texas Children’s Hospital and raises money for pediatric cancer research.

    Scott & Jaymi Ahrendt


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