Joshua radiation graduation

    Joshua Cranfill

    Joshua Cranfill was diagnosed with Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma on 5/16/06, just days after he turned 6 months old and it had spread to his lymph nodes. One of the youngest cases on record at that time, Josh completed 10 months of chemotherapy at the UTMB Children’s facility in Galveston. Because Josh had a constant smile on his face and he loved to throw the football with anyone willing to throw it back, he earned the nickname of “rockstar” with his nurses.

    At 1 ½ years old and after 6 short weeks of remission, his cancer returned. Soon after, Josh started another 9 month long regimen of chemo and underwent 25 sessions of radiation at MD Anderson’s Proton Radiation Center. This helped Josh remain cancer free for 4 years. On September 25th of this year, doctors confirmed the cancer had returned in the lymph nodes. Josh has since endured 3 surgeries to remove the cancer and placement of a port-a-cath. This time around we transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital where Josh is undergoing 6 rounds of additional chemotherapy and 20 sessions of radiation therapy back at MD Anderson Proton Radiation Center. Having transferred to a new facility, he needed a new nickname and now goes by SuperJosh to his nurses, doctors and everyone praying for Joshua throughout his journey.

    Through it all, Josh remained a happy, active 7 year old boy. He loved to play football, baseball and played soccer for 3 years. He very much loved spending time with his family, his cousins and his best buddies, Ryan, Jackson, and Miles. We thank God constantly throughout each day for everyone He put on our team to fight this fight!

    Joshua beat cancer a third time! All tests came back clear with one exception. Due to a side of effect of one of the chemos he received, he went into heart failure shortly after finishing all treatments and being declared cancer free. Joshua earned his angel wings on June 3, 2013. He fought a courageous and valiant battle to the very end. We are saddened to walk the journey of life on earth without him, but we rejoice that he is whole again in the arms of Jesus. We are very thankful to everyone who lifted Josh and us in prayer throughout everything. Thank you God, for the blessed 7 years we had with our precious boy. Our lives are richer and we love deeper because of the life of our Joshua.


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