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    The mission of the Curing Children’s Cancer Fund is to find a cure for childhood cancer by providing financial support for some of the country’s leading pediatric cancer researchers, including those at Texas Children’s Cancer Center. The results of the cutting-edge research are shared with physicians around the world and benefit the children under their care.

    Although there have been great strides in the past 30 years to finding a cure, it’s just simply not good enough.  Childhood cancer kills more U.S. children than any other disease – more than AIDS, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and congenital anomalies, combined.

    And young children, though survivor numbers are increasing, can have the odds stacked against them.  Eighty percent children have metastatic disease at time of diagnosis as compared to only 20 percent of adults.

    The need  for support in childhood cancer research is astounding.  So how do we turn the lights out on childhood cancer? By educating others about how research is working, how children are fighting, sharing their stories, connecting communities, and more. Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way.   How have you been affected, and how can you turn that experience into something tangible to help battle childhood cancer?

    We encourage you to explore our web site to get to know us, to call us, to volunteer, or to give monetary support if you can.

    Help us in our mission to turn the lights out on childhood cancer.


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